21 million subscribers in Italy on Facebook

rencontre 46400 From where users connect? source 13 million use it every day, and these: source url 7.5 million of users connect to Facebook from Mobile (Smartphone, and other devices) follow site (Extrapolated data by the Observatory Facebook (Facebook / Ads)) www ctoption com while total users, who use the mobile device’s network, according Audiweb, has 9 million people.


source site Also according to Audiweb data, the total number of users who use the Internet in Italy is 27 million people in one month. While, on an average day are 13.9 million Italians who use the Internet and of these: 13 million use Facebook every day.


http://fbmedical.fr/aftepaes/8362 If the use of the Internet, in Italy, has been reduced to “chat”, “chat” and “gossip”, all day …
… When it may be a user of the genre?


go here Unfortunately, this is the portrait of ” Italian average user “who uses the net …
… And if you have switched from selling from 70 Euro to CPM, in 1998-2000, to the current 0.15 euros per CPM, for some years now, because there will be a …
and the answer is: the online user, very little that is (unfortunately).